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be the business you could be. . .

strategically building better businesses

be the business you could be. . .

At CAS we work with entrepreneurial business owners across a diverse range of market sectors to help them to cultivate their vision and achieve their goals. Working with a team of experts, we will drive, motivate, nag and advise you to ‘be the business you could be’

  • Specialist Business Structures

    At CAS, you will never need to ask “is my business structured in the best way?” or “are you making the most of every allowance and tax planning avenue?” Our team see this as the absolute minimum we can do for you. We love to wow and our five star service will make your journey with us fun and enjoyable.

    For any business to succeed you need to build from a solid base, and having this foundation is the starting point for you to be the business you could be. We are all about solutions. With a team built of Risk Warriors, Business Transformers, and Tax Jedis, we will create the best possible solution for you.

    You have the legal right to minimise your tax liability and having the right business structure means that we will do everything possible under UK Tax Law to ensure this happens. All services we provide are of equal importance to achieving success, but having a structured business is especially key.

    In short, we understand tax. We don’t leave any tax stone unturned, meaning you don’t have to worry about it. Our intimate knowledge of UK Tax Law literally pays dividends, which means that, backed by CAS guarantees, you will pay the least amount of tax possible.

  • Risk Management

    Protecting companies and their owners is the number one priority for the team at CAS, so with a team of Risk Warriors, you know we mean business.

    Inevitably, decision making can involve an element of risk. Our team provide a neutral and experienced sound board. If we think your decision comes with a risk to you or your business, our natural reaction is to conduct a Sanity Check analysis with you, which will then prepare you for all potential outcomes.

    We all need protecting, even sometimes from ourselves so don’t take a risk until you have spoken to us.

  • Strategic Planning

    Goals are something that we truly want, whether in our business or personal life. By achieving your goals we will help you achieve the lifestyle you desire.

    Not having a set of goals or targets opens the door to uncertainty, which means you will find yourself just “going through the motions” of business, day in, day out.

    Our team are skilled, resourceful, and most importantly, experienced in making a significant difference to your business.

    The future of your business is key to our success. Our expert team will help you define your business and execute your plans.

    Once we have laid the foundations and reduced the risk, we will then provide the stepping stones in the right direction enabling you to be the business you could be.

  • Exit Route Planning

    Are you planning on working until you’re 99? Nobody wants to work forever. There will come a day when you will want to exit from your business. Do you have a plan to do this? Will the business remain within your family? Are you looking for an external sale or perhaps a management buyout?

    Whichever option you have considered, CAS can give you all the pros & cons. We have experience in all exit routes and our ultimate goal is to ensure that the route you choose leads to the lifestyle you desire and the next chapter of your life.

    All too often, businesses are built around owners and cannot operate without them. This might sound familiar and if it does, CAS will work with you to extract all of the knowledge from your head and to centrally align it into knowledge based systems. Our team will work with you tirelessly in both pre-sale and post-sale to ensure your tax position is optimised.

  • System Restructuring

    In most cases, if you take the owner away from the business, there is a strong possibility there will be nothing left as it all centres around them and the knowledge in their heads.

    Most owners are the linchpins of their business, which in turn makes them the company’s most valuable asset. If your business is sold, it opens the possibility that you will have to remain in the company during a phased handover which could potentially last several years. In a nutshell, you could be an employee for the company you once owned.

    CAS want you to be the business you could be, and working with our Business Transformers we will extract the essential business knowledge out of you and into a structured system. This will make your business streamlined, efficient, professional, and most importantly, independent from you.

    We can help you transform your knowledge into documents, processes, and a knowledge based structure.

    The benefits of this mean your team have systems and processes to follow without the need for you to be permanently in your business.

    A process based structure creates value to prospective buyers, so when you are ready to step back and enjoy a lifestyle that represents all your hard work, you are able to – on your terms and for the price you desire.

  • #1
    core value

    we know everything about our clients

  • #2
    core value

    we stay visible to all our clients

  • #3
    core value

    we practise self development on ourselves and others

  • #4
    core value

    we add value and find solutions that others can’t

  • #5
    core value

    we are constructively honest

  • #6
    core value

    we work as a team at cas and at clients

  • #7
    core value

    we make time to think about our clients

  • #8
    core value

    we practise random acts of wow

  • #9
    core value

    we’re positive about having a can do attitude

  • #10
    core value

    we save our clients money, time and even from themselves.

why we’re different

At CAS we pride ourselves on being unique in such a way that we will leave you saying wow! We are a passionate team of Business Transformers, Tax Jedis and Risk Warriors who will enable you to build the business you have always dreamed of.


how we’re different

We are like a finely tuned engine, driving your business in a direction you have always desired. We are part accountants, part business consultants and part guardians and with such a unique blend, our success runs much deeper than any traditional accountancy practice.

Whatever your long-term business ambitions are, we will always have one eye on the end result. We don’t just think about you 9-5, we are always thinking about you. In partnership with you we can achieve your goals.

We don’t just say we are forward thinkers, we are instinctively forward thinkers, continually challenging the status quo to ensure you are legally minimising your tax liability at every turn.


how we work

We provide innovative, out of the box thinking. We are a team of visionaries who go that extra mile for all aspects of your business. We don’t promise guarantees – we guarantee promises. No exceptions. The team at CAS offer each client pre-emptive suggestions and solutions. We don’t look for the cure, we look for preventative solutions and we will go to extensive lengths to strong-arm your business at all levels.

We don’t sell time or limit you to a number of phone calls like most practices. We work with you in harmony and agree a fixed annual retainer, after that we don’t need to talk about money any more. It’s that simple.


our guarantees

Choosing to work with CAS comes with commitments and guarantees which include:

All our Client Managers are qualified – Chartered or Certified Accountants
Complete assurance of confidentiality in our working relationship. If anything we do falls short of your expectations, we will provide a full fee refund for that particular area of our work.
All we ask is that you notify us in writing within fourteen days of the completion of that task.
We will return all phone calls and emails within 24 hours*.
*Should we fail to honour this guarantee, we will send you a cheque for £100



We pride ourselves on how we communicate internally and externally. This level of communication allows us to confidently say that you will immediately notice the difference our team brings to your business as a direct result of high-level communications.

Our Client Managers work with a small number of clients to deliver big numbers with a wow result. Each client manager is guaranteed to have no more than 5 clients within their portfolio. This means we are ensuring distinctively high frequency and high quality communications with you at all times.

The team is always accessible with individual email addresses and mobile numbers provided to clients. When calling CAS you will never be asked “who is calling?” and if the person you want is in a meeting, there will always be another member of the team who is available to help you. We pride ourselves on how accessible our team are.

Every time we have a meeting, all actions are tracked using our Rolling Action Logger so everyone knows who is doing what, all the time.

In addition, you will be constantly updated on your tax position, so that you know what your liability will be, up to two years in advance.

Kind Words

  • CAS have helped my business save money by helping with tax and company strategies. They are good at making you focus on what is important and stepping back from the Business so you can work on it not just in it. They support you with decisions and development and are great sounding boards ( and nags)!


    Lee Morris, Managing Director & Owner at NTG Training Ltd

  • CAS are unlike any other accountants I have ever met. In fact the word accountant doesn’t do them justice. As a business owner for over 20 years, you think you know most things about how to run a succesful business until you meet CAS.
    They are the most inspirational team of business professionals I have ever met and its an absolute pleasure to be working with them.


    Steven Clarke – Cameron Clarke Leasing Ltd

  • “When all hope is lost, and you are standing alone, reach out – CAS will be there. After over 20 years of working together they still manage to impress, surprise and generally over achieve in every aspect of the service that they provide.”


    Mike Clough – Managing Director, Japanese Knotweed Solutions Limited

Telephone: 01625 613893