10 ways to refresh in the new year

  • Dec 12th, 2016

10 ways to refresh in the New Year

1. Reset your problem-solving: Take a walk.

The basic act of going on a walk can bring so many positive benefits to your life. Getting outside and walking increases your brain function and is linked to improvement in mood and is a great way to boost your overall health.

2. Reset your anxious thoughts: Learn to meditate.
With each passing year, the list of meditation benefits grows longer and longer. Expect better mood, better sleep, and a stronger immune system as well as lower blood pressure and stress levels. A daily meditation practice is like a restart for your mind.

3. Reset your vices: Cut out something for one week.
This isn’t about losing weight. Cutting out a substance that’s been overused — like sugar, caffeine, or alcohol — can be a great refresher for your body.

5. Reset your to-do list: Write it all down.
The act of writing down everything you need to do can help quiet your mind and make things feel more organized before you’ve even done a thing.

6. Reset your mood: Do something that makes you laugh.
No joke — laughter improves our health and boosts happiness. The simple act of laughing has been proven to boost our mood and our immune system as well as relieve pain and lower stress.

8. Reset your schedule: Make time for the “fun stuff.”
Know the difference between doing something you enjoy versus doing something productive. Setting aside time for things that make you feel good might bring about more balance and joy in your life.

9. Reset your imagination: Give up on that book you’ve been lumbering through.
It’s okay to bow out of something if you’re not loving it. More than halfway through a book? Who cares. Find a great new book to start instead — and never look back. Life is short. Be specific with where you put your energy.

10. Reset your energy: Go to sleep earlier.
That movie, podcast or tv show will certainly be there for you tomorrow. Sleep is one of the very best ways to give your overall health a powerful reboot.

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